Plott Hound

by Michelle Jones

In 2007, the AKC officially recognized the Plott Hound into its Hound Group; he has competed at Westminster only once, but is already receiving much attention. While new to the AKC, the Plott is far from new historically…In 1750, sixteen-year-old Joahnnes Plott brought to the Great Smokey Mountains a number of hound breeds that he brought from Germany. In times, the descendant of these dogs became known as the Plott Hound; this sturdy and reliable hunter was used in large game hunting like bears who threatened crops, herds and fish. Not only did they cold-track bear as scent hounds, they could also hold the bear at bay and even bring it down single-handedly. For seven generations over this dog’s development, the handsome Plott’s brindle coat and unmatched courage has made him a force to be reckoned with in field hunting trials.

In temperament, the Plott has only a moderate affectionate quality. He can be aggressive with strangers and other dogs unless brought up with them in a pack. Not only is he a superb watchdog, but he also has a high protection ability with his family. Yet he is eager to please and loyal with his family and tolerates small children fairly well if they treat him with respect. He does not do well with other family pets and could easily end up treeing the family cat! The Plott is not suited for apartment or city dwelling; he has high energy and exercise requirements.

The independent, stubborn Plott does not take well to obedience training, usually having no agenda but his own. While he instinctively trails and/or trees his quarry, he seems to consider obedience training with disdain. However, he is naturally well-mannered in the home and makes a fine rural companion dog.

The Plott is a very healthy hound with no major health problems. A strictly “no frills” utilitarian dog, he has a long lifespan of 13-14 years but may suffer a rare bout of hip dysplasia. His short wiry coat simply needs a weekly brushing to remove dirt and debris. If anything, the delightful Plott Hound is a low-maintenance dog for the right family.