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Train Your Dog to Wear Shoes!

Ever seen a dog wearing shoes? The police dogs in Germany have already been trained to wear shoes; is a great pair of Gucci loafers in your dog’s future?

World’s Funniest Dog Story!

Let’s laugh today! Here’s a funny Dog Story…

A blind woman and her guide dog, Buddy, were flying on a commercial airliner. Unexpectedly, the plane was diverted to another airport due to weather. The flight attendant announced a 50-minute delay and perhaps the passengers would like to de-plane and stretch their legs. Everyone got off except the blind woman. Here’s the best part:

Can Dogs Become Suicidal?

According to Dr. Romain Pizzi, a specialist with the UK’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, dogs can develop suicidal depression that is either genetic (inherited) or caused by stressful events.

Dr. Pizzi told the UK’s Telegraph suicidal depression is most commonly seen in:

Breed Spotlight: The American Staffordshire Terrier

Who hasn’t heard about the fearsome, aggressive and deadly nature of this dog, known as the Pit Bull? Since the 1980’s this dog has been the target of local laws to specifically ban it from some cities. What’s the truth about the Am Staff?

Famous Film Dogs: Your Dog A Star

The 2008 Academy Awards are history, with recognition of superb film entertainment. But have you ever wonder how canine actors and actresses are chosen and trained? Here’s how they do it:

Train Your Puppy To Play Nice With Kids

Kids love puppies! It seems they were made to go together like milk and cookies. By age five, kids can be taught the basics of how to train a dog. However, there are a few things to consider before you bring a puppy into your home with a young child:

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth!

Just like people, dogs have dental problems. Most can be prevented by training your dog at an early age to calmly accept having her teeth brushed. But how?

Dog Goes For Joyride In Owner’s Truck

Max, an, 80-pound Boxer, made the news today when he stole his owner’s truck and went for a joyride! Was he charged with Grand Theft Auto?

Breed Spotlight: The Belgian Malinois

This beautiful dog of the AKC’s Herding Group gets a five-star rating for trainability from author Caroline Coile in The Dog Breed Bible. Read more about this intelligent and powerful dog.

Lost Dog Returns Home After 2 Years

In his 2006 best-selling novel, Lisey’s Story, Stephen King has one of his characters tell the amazing story of Ralph, a lost dog who returned home despite all odds. Are these dogs a reality?

Single Dog Syndrome

Did you know that dogs from “single pet” households are more difficult to train and have more behavior problems than dogs who have another canine companion?

Dog trainers Jack and Wendy Volhard identified several behaviors that single dogs seem more prone to exhibit than multi-dog homes:

Training Your Dog to Misbehave

Your dog watches everything you do. He reads your body language and tone of voice. He knows how you’ll respond to certain behaviors. Could you be training your dog to misbehave?

Understanding Your Dog’s Defense Drive

When you begin training your dog to obey basic commands, it’s necessary to understand that her instinctive defense drive may become a training obstacle.

Your dog acts and reacts instinctively, especially if she feels afraid or threatened; these are “fight or flight” instincts, exactly as people experience. You’ll notice this tendency when she’s a puppy, especially around mealtimes and when interacting with other dogs.

Here is a list of fight and flight behaviors:

Heartbreaking Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an inherited arthritis-type condition that can involve one or both of your dog’s hips. Certain breeds are pre-disposed to this extremely painful condition. Find out more about this crippling disease.

Attacked by Another Dog!

An essential part of training your dog is teaching him to walk obediently on a leash without pulling. In public, most cities have ordinances that require you to leash your dog; this isn’t true in many dog parks. When you’re leash-walking your dog, what should you do and not do if another, unleashed dog attacks your dog?

For your safety, and your dog’s safety, keep these tips in mind from dog training for Dummies by Jack and Wendy Volhard and other sources:

Try a Puppy Training Class!

If you’re uncertain about your ability to successfully train your puppy, enrolling her in a puppy training class is the very best investment you can make for her future.

Test Your Training Skills

In her book “Positive dog training,” Pamela Dennison describes the attributes of great trainers. After all, your dog’s successful training depends largely on your training techniques. Find out how you rate as a dog trainer.

Use this simple quiz to analyze your training abilities.

Dog Heroes Save Family’s Lives

Are dogs capable of loving their owners? Ask Sue Feuling and her nine-year-old daughter; their dogs saved their lives when a fire started in their Winona, Minnesota home.