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Test Your Training Skills

In her book “Positive dog training,” Pamela Dennison describes the attributes of great trainers. After all, your dog’s successful training depends largely on your training techniques. Find out how you rate as a dog trainer.

Use this simple quiz to analyze your training abilities.

Great trainers: 

1. Are good at reinforcing and rewarding their dog’s positive behavior.

2. Are quick and have good timing.

3. Are generous with rewards for their dog’s obedience to training.

4. Use many different types of rewards to hold their dog’s interest during training.

5. Stop problems before they become locked-in as learned, solid behaviors.

6. Plan their training sessions carefully.

7. Reward even small steps by their dog to increase training success.

8. Keep a log of each behavior being taught.

How many of these great training attributes do you have? If you’re a new trainer or a trainer who needs to brush up on your skills, keeping these traits in mind will make training your dog fun and successful.

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