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Try a Puppy Training Class!

If you’re uncertain about your ability to successfully train your puppy, enrolling her in a puppy training class is the very best investment you can make for her future.

Taking your puppy to a training class is the very best investment you can make for her future. Shelters are brimming with dogs who were abandoned or surrendered because they have behavioral problems. This sad situation need not occur; puppies who are untrained and poorly socialized grow into “problem dogs.”

Training your puppy to obey some basic manners, learning to socialize with other dogs, and having a fun  play-time is exactly what your puppy needs to get off to a good start in her life. Puppies are capable of recalling what they learn in a training class, making her much easier to train as an adult when it’s time to ask more of her. Puppies can learn simple obedience skills easily between the age of four to six months.

Look for a puppy training class that teaches her to have control over her behavior. She’ll learn the basic commands of sit, stay, down, and coming to you when called. Make sure that the instructor has expertise in puppy training and has a pleasant, professional attitude towards you and your puppy. Play time should be limited to no more than five minutes after the class. During the class, it’s all business! Your puppy will learn that after doing well in the class, she’ll be rewarded by having fun with the other dogs.

When looking for a puppy training class, avoid training classes where you’re told that your dog isn’t old enough for training. Not only is this untrue, but it also demonstrates that the instructor lacks basic knowledge of dog training and behavior. Most of all, look for a class where both the puppies and their owners are having a good time!

Source: dog training for Dummies by Jack and Wendy Volhard

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