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Lost Dog Returns Home After 2 Years

In his 2006 best-selling novel, Lisey’s Story, Stephen King has one of his characters tell the amazing story of Ralph, a lost dog who returned home despite all odds. Are these dogs a reality?

In the novel, King masterfully uses Ralph’s true story to describe the many unusual and astonishing things that happen to us in life that are unexplained, but real, nevertheless. Reality usually involves going to work or school and doing the laundry. But life, too, involves incidents that seem impossible; they have to be accepted as real because we have no other choice, King wrote.

Ralph was a beloved family dog who went on vacation to Florida with his “people.” In unfamiliar surroundings, Ralph got lost. The broken-hearted family searched for him for days to no avail. Finally, they had no choice but to return to their Oregon home without their dog. Two years later, Ralph suddenly showed up at the family’s home and barked to be let in, just like nothing ever happened! He was a bit thin and footsore, but otherwise in good condition.

Maybe you’ve seen stories in the newspaper or magazines about dogs that do incredible, unexplainable things. Recently two dogs alerted their family that the home was on fire, saving their lives. The dogs both died of smoke inhalation; they sacrificed their own lives for the family they loved.  Animal-assisted therapy dogs perform miracles on a daily basis with ill and injured hospitalized patients and residents of assisted care homes. A popular pet magazine contained a story about a Poodle that could count and tell one coin from another. Guide dogs and police dogs will literally place their bodies in harm’s way to protect their human partners. We’re hearing more and more about seizure and cancer-detecting dogs; how can they possibly know this?

So whenever you hear a story about an amazing dog, remember that it’s aerodynamically impossible for bumblebees to fly, but they do it. Reality is Ralph!

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