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Dog Goes For Joyride In Owner’s Truck

Max, an, 80-pound Boxer, made the news today when he stole his owner’s truck and went for a joyride! Was he charged with Grand Theft Auto?

Doggone it, my truck’s gone! In Azusa, CA, Charles McCowan parked his truck in a parking lot, leaving Max in the auto. When he came out of the store and found his truck missing, he called the police, assuming the truck had been stolen.

When the officers arrived, they searched the area and found the truck in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant, with Max still behind the wheel! A security camera video revealed that Max had apparently knocked the truck gear into neutral and the truck rolled two city blocks, weaving in and out of traffic, before coming to rest in the restaurant parking lot.

Both Max and the truck were unscathed, but the drive-through window at the restaurant will never forget their canine customer. Hey Max, you want fries with that burger?

Details courtesy of the Associated Press

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