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If you want to start a fiery, endless argument among expert dog breeders, just ask them about the history of the Vizsla! Hopefully blood won’t be drawn, and you’ll get to know the hotly-debated opinions about the origins of this multi-talented hunting dog…

Vizsla Photo
Vizsla By The River

One theory of the Vizsla’a origins is that he decended fairly recently from the Weimaraner. The most enduring theory is that at least 1,000 years ago, the Magyar people in central Europe developed the dog as they settled in Hungary. By all accounts, the Vizsla would be extinct if American solders had not brought him to the US from Europe. The Vizsla is still used in hunting fowl and larger mammals. In Canada, you’ll find him in both smooth and wirehaired coats; only the smooth-coated Vizsla was recognized by the AKC in 1960.In temperament, the Vizsla is gentle, affectionate and sensitive. With his high energy level, he can hunt all day, serving as a pointer and all-around gun dog. His friendly, playful personality makes him very good with children and other pets. The Vizsla is an alert watchdog, and is more protective of his family than many other sporting dogs. Once introduced to strangers, he will gladly welcome them. He can be a bit stubborn or over-excitable. It’s essential that Vizslas have daily strenuous exercise or they will become destructive. They aren’t suitable for apartment or city living.

The Vizsla is easily trained, fine-tuning his instinctive hunting skills. He does very well in basic and advanced obedience. Because of his muscular, compact build, he is a wonderful agility dog, often taking championship honors for his speed and ground-covering gait. He has also been successfully used as a search and rescue dog; he will not tire even after spending the night in rugged terrain searching for a lost hiker.

This is a handsome dog with a smooth golden coat and eyes. He requires no grooming except a weekly brushing to remove dirt and dead hairs. Although he’s a low-maintenance dog in grooming, he is high-maintenance in his exercise needs. He’s the ideal compation for rural life with a hunter or an active owner who spends a lot of time outdoors. Most of all, the Vizsla is a social dog that requires interaction with his family, either in the fields or long games of fly-ball!

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