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Spinone Italiano

Unless you’re of Italian descent, you’ve probably never heard of this pointer. He gets his name from an Italian thorn bush through which he single-mindedly pursues  and flushes game fowl. You may have seen him in the show ring, where he is sometimes knows as the Italian Griffon (”wirehair”)…

Spinone Italiano Photo
Spinone Italiano From Side

The ancient ancestry of the Spinone Italiano is one of the oldest known wirehaired pointing dogs; drawings have been found of him that date back to 500 B.C. His breeding was perfected by the Celtic people and he became a favorite with the Roman legions that dominated Ireland and Scotland.  Brought to America by WWII veterans, he was recognized by the AKC in 2000. He’s a sturdy pointer and retriever, and is one of the few pointers who excels in water retrieving.He’s a very energetic, active dog that needs lots of exercise and a chance to run in the fields, dog parks, or on long, brisk walks. The Spinone is extraordinarily agile and is often seen in championship agility trials. He’s just coming into vogue as a search and rescue dog. He doesn’t like to be bored and if left alone too often, he’ll become an expert escape artist by jumping over, or tunneling under, fences!

In temperament, the Spinone is very affectionate with his family, children, and other pets. Because of his friendly nature, he’s not wary of strangers and doesn’t make a good watch or protection dog. His somber and dignified expression belies his fun-loving nature; he can chase fly-balls for hours! He does well in basic and advanced obedience training, being very eager to please his owner. Although the Spinone is calm and friendly, he is also quite courageous when pursuing fowl over rough terrain and through punishing brush.

The Spinoni Italiano is a splendid companion and a talented gun dog. His only primary health concern is hip dysplasia. His wiry, waterproof coat needs only a weekly brushing. This is a dog of tireless endurance in the field and a gentle friend in the home.

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