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Field Spaniel

One gaze into a pair of deep, adoring eyes, and you’ll be hooked on this dog that seems to look directly into your heart! The Field Spaniel is a product of selective breeding that eliminated most of his hunting abilities, but favoring him as a companion dog…The Field Spaniel is rarely seen in America outside of the show ring. His history traces back to the Cocker, Sussex and Water Spaniel in the 1800s. English breeders sought a dog with a low, long body, shorter legs, and heavy bones. The result was the Field Spaniel, a beautiful and brave dog whose hunting abilities became all but extinct.

Still, though the Field Spaniel is easily out-hunted by other gun dogs, he remains a high-energy, enthusiastic dog that enjoys lots of exercise. In temperament, he is clever, docile, calm, cheerful and extremely affectionate with his family. He likes children and other pets and is not wary or protective with strangers.

The devoted Field Spaniel is eager to please, making him easy to train in basic and advanced obedience. He is gaining popularity as an animal-assisted therapy dog in the UK because of his social, affectionate nature and his lack of shyness with strangers. Despite his heavy bone structure, the Field Spaniel does well in agility training.

His chocolate or black coat is wavy and soft, much shorter than the Cocker and Clumber Spaniels. He needs to be brushed weekly to remove dead hair, along with a thorough cleaning of the inside of his ears to avoid ear infections. His primary health concern is hip dysplasia because of his long back and heavy bones.

The Field Spaniel is built for stamina and tenacity. When utilized in the field as a gun dog, some still display the hunting abilities that have been retained in their canine instincts.  With his calm, very affectionate nature, he is an ideal family companion dog. Nicknamed “a dog without exaggeration,” the Field Spaniel has little of the flashy nature of his ancestors, the American and English Cocker Spaniels. Look for him playing in the English countryside or catching a nap by the fireplace in the local pub.

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