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Welsh Springer Spaniel

This highly-prized spaniel that originated in Wales in the 1300’s remains one of the UK’s most dependable and “all business” gun dogs. Their ancient lineage has not deterred them from being bright, enthusiastic fowl-hunting dogs…The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a hard-working, versatile, and water-loving dog who is not only an accomplished fowl tracker and hunter, but is also an affectionate family companion dog. His origins stem from his history as a cattle and sheep drover. But his primary task is to flush, or “spring” fowl like pheasants, geese and ducks, from their nests in tall grass. The Welsh Spinger Spaniel was recognized by the AKC in 1906.

In temperament, this spaniel is steady and mellow, but needs a lot of exercise. He does not do well in apartments or city dwelling without a big back yard or long, brisk walks to let him expend his considerable energy. He is affectionate to a moderate degree, and gets along well with children and other pets as long as they don’t challenge his natural dignity. His sharp bark alerts his family to the intrusion of strangers, but he is not a protection-oriented dog.

This handsome brown and white spaniel takes well to training; he enjoys perfecting his hunting skills; many are accomplished swimming retrievers although this is not their primary hunting function. He’s a very social dog and enjoys the company of his own kind and his human family. Basic and advanced obedience training comes easily to him, and he is often seen at field and obedience trials, taking championship honors.

This Springer has a coat that is moderate in length and requires frequent brushing, which he enjoys. He has jaws powerful enough to retrive a full-sized goose from the field in his soft mouth.  Yet his deep, dark eyes make him a beloved family companion from a canine who’s expression clearly says, “I love and trust you,  my friend and caretaker.”

The Welsh Springer’s only major health concern is the hip dysplasia that plagues long-backed dogs. He works hard and plays hard; it is up to his owner to determine when enough is enough. The Welsh Springer’s response to you calling it a day will usually result in his refreshing snooze on your bedroom pillows!

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