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It’s been said that this dog is the ultimate scent hound, whose ancestors date back to the Middle Ages when they were bred by Belgian monks. William the Conqueror brought these hounds with him when he invaded Britain in 1066…

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Bloodhound Listens 


The Borzoi was originally named the Russian Wolfhound and is still known in some parts of the world by this name. This aristocratic hound is both beautiful, gentle and agile, bred in Russia in the 13th century…

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Borzoi Runs


The Dachshund is Germany’s national dog, where he is called a “Teckel.” Dachshund means “badger hound;” this is what this long, low and completely fearless little dog was bred to do. A Dachshunds is firm in his belief that he owns the world! Don’t let his size fool you; the Dachshund can hold his own against his hunting prey, other dog, or human!…

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Afghan Hound

Those who regard the Afghan Hound, with its long, luxurious coat and regal appearance as just another pretty face but without function would be woefully underestimating this skilled, ancient hound breed!…

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Afghan Hound Watches The Dog Race